About Us

Experienced IT Professionals

Committed to bring a positive change in society

By grooming young generation

Through mentoring, and facilitation

What We Do

Enhance Capabilities

Develop capabilities of learners as per industry expectations at various levels.

Connect With Opportunities

Help learners get jobs in various organizations, matching their capabilities and organizational needs.

Facilitate Growth

Provide environment for continuous learning, improvement and exploring new opportunities at each stage of career.



Aimed at expanding perspective. This is an opportunity to interact with Industry Experts. Become aware of current industry expectations, and get tips to enter & grow in Industry.


Aimed at sharing knowledge. This is an online community of learners, to ask questions, share experiences, seek advise, help each other, and get life lessons from experts.


Aimed at deeper transformation. This program is conducted by senior executives, to enhance learners possibilities manifold. Dedication, Diligence, and Discipline is the entry criterion for this program.


Aimed at developing fundamental strengths for the profession. This is a series of workshops conducted by our network of experts and trained facilitators.


Aimed at building specific skills. These are specialized and structured training programs. These are conducted by our network of experts. Participants earn relevant certificate on successful completion.


Aimed at staying current with latest industry trends. These are conferences specifically designed for helping young professionals and students. They are also an opportunity to build critical soft skills.


An story about our initiative and its impact was recently on Zee News.


A note for students and young professionals about industry expectations.


Recording solution videos is one of the technique we use to help more and more learners.

Anant Jigyasa Education Trust

InfiniLearn is a Anant Jigyasa Initiative. 

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+91 (991) 000-6970